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I just finished working through your Git tutorial. Thank you! It is probably the best tutorial on that subject that I have read. The thoroughness and thoughtfulness were refreshing.

—Ryan D.

I wanted to thank you for the excellent online course on Objective-C. I know that if 40 years back, if I had your explanation of pointers, I wouldn’t have cringed every time I wrote new code. Keep up the great work!

—Mike A.

I am a former game developer who wanted to jump back into the game (LOL) with the release of iOS7. I needed a quick review of Objective-C. Your presentation is so clean and well-organized that I could zip through the material very efficiently. It is the most concise explanation of the language I have ever seen.

—Mary K.

Just stumbled on RyPress and your tutorials. I just wanted to say: absolutely fantastic stuff! Well written, well designed, and most importantly practical with no fluff. Keep up the good work! I’ll be pointing our users to your tutorials if they ever have Objective-C questions.

—James Y.

The tutorial about MathML was great. I found it excellent in contents and design. It was very useful for my job.

—Giovanni L.

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