Its Just Ry

RyPress is an independent publishing platform founded by Ryan Hodson. I personally create all of the tutorials on this site, and I work directly with sponsors to make sure that I can keep on writing them. My goal is to bring commercial-quality technical books to the free tutorial ecosystem. I do this by creating tutorials that are:

Friendly. Technical documents are notorious for their dry, verbose, and often intimidating style. I combat this by explaining complex concepts in simple terms, reinforcing them with colorful diagrams, and providing concrete, step-by-step examples.

Comprehensive. While it’s easy to find a tutorial for a specific programming topic, there are very few places that cover an entire API in a single, comprehensive guide. My tutorials are designed to be the only introduction to a language that you’ll ever need.

Reliable. No matter how pretty the diagrams, documentation is worthless if it’s not accurate. Each RyPress tutorial is meticulously researched to ensure that it ingrains important best practices and avoids troublesome anti-patterns.

RyPress is funded entirely through sponsorships. I approach our sponsors as partners—not as advertisers. Sponsoring a tutorial is a way for a company to give back to the developer community (and to promote some of their relevant products) by supporting free, high-quality education.