About RyPress

RyPress is the independent publishing platform of Ryan Hodson. My goal is to create software tutorials that are the only introduction to a topic you’ll ever need. I design the curriculum, write the content, draw the diagrams, and manage the distribution for all my tutorials.

Entry-level topics like Objective-C are entirely free, while follow-up topics like Cocoa are available for purchase. This makes it as easy as possible for developers to dip their feet into a new field, while providing a sustainable way to continue creating high-quality tutorials.

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If you have comments, questions, or feedback on any of my tutorials, I would love to hear from you. This is a direct line to the author, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest in RyPress!

The Author

I’m a technical author and developer based in Boulder, CO. I’ve worked for NCSA, Beyond Design, Syncfusion, and Atlassian, creating everything from Flash visualizations to Git documentation. Between RyPress.com and freelance work, my writing reaches hundreds of thousands of developers a year.

My hobbies include reading technical specifications just for kicks, playing chess, animating pixel art, and bespoke shirtmaking. I’m also a trained linguist.

The Tutorials

My mission is to eliminate the confusion and frustration typically associated with learning a new piece of technology. I do this by creating tutorials that are:

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Concepts are explained in simple terms, reinforced with colorful diagrams, and accompanied by concrete, step-by-step examples.

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Everything you need to know about a new programming topic is condensed into a single, well-designed curriculum.

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Each tutorial is meticulously researched to ensure that it ingrains important best practices and avoids troublesome anti-patterns.

Premium tutorials are offered in EPUB, MOBI, and offline HTML formats, while free tutorials are available online.

Tutorials purchased through RyPress.com can be re-downloaded at any time by requesting a download link.

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