RyPress Sponsorships

Sponsoring a RyPress tutorial is a premium marketing opportunity for companies that serve software developers.

Our unique sponsorship format is designed to position you as a champion for a specific technology while maximizing awareness of your product offering. We do this by mixing quality display advertising with tailored in-content text ads. Each page of a sponsored tutorial contains the following:

  1. An exclusive 120×90px display ad in the sidebar.
  2. An in-content text ad after the introduction of each module.
  3. A logo and longer text ad at the bottom of each page.
The three components of a sponsored tutorial

The display ad provides the same branding opportunity as traditional campaigns, but the text ads make it possible to relate your product to what the reader came here to learn. This personal connection is what sets a compassionate sponsor apart from an ordinary advertiser.

Sponsorships are the only form of advertising on RyPress.com, and only one company is allowed to sponsor each tutorial. This ensures that your message will not be drowned out by competing display advertisements.

Availability & Pricing

Currently, only Ry’s Objective-C Tutorial is open to sponsors. This tutorial receives approximately 40,000 pageviews and 10,000 unique visitors every month. Sponsorships are booked on a monthly basis at a rate of $480 per month.

We’ve just launched our sponsorship program, so if your company has something to say to the iOS developer community, we would love to hear from you. Or, if you know somebody that might be interested in sponsoring our Objective-C tutorial, be sure to check out our referral program.

Let’s Get Started!

If you think sponsoring a RyPress tutorial would be a good fit for your company, we would love to hear from you. Drop us an email at the following address and we can start talking about how to integrate your product into our content.


Please include your company name and the product you wish to promote, as well as which month(s) you would like to run your sponsorship campaign.