Rys Cocoa Tutorial

This premium tutorial covers everything you need to know to develop apps for OS X. It’s written for newcomers to app development, but it does assume a solid foundation in Objective-C.
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Table of Contents

You can preview the introduction to every chapter in this tutorial:

Ry’s Cocoa Tutorial is a comprehensive Mac App development course. Each chapter guides you through a fundamental aspect of the Cocoa frameworks using a single hands-on example. You’ll walk away with the ability to create everything from simple utility apps to full-featured text editors. Also be sure to check out the included UI component reference.

This tutorial focuses more on app development rather than any particular programming language, and both Objective-C and Swift rely on the same underlying Cocoa frameworks. The examples for this tutorial are written in Objective-C, but all of the design patterns, Cocoa classes, and UI components translate directly to Swift.

Published Nov 24, 2014 – Tested on Xcode 6.1

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