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Combo Boxes

A Combo Box is a cross between the Text Field and Pop-Up Button controls. It lets the user enter a value either as text or from a list of pre-defined values. The text field can be used as a quick way to select an item from the list, or to enter an arbitrary value that isn’t contained in the list. It’s represented by the NSComboBox class.

Open and closed state of a Combo Box

This is a good option if the user doesn’t always know what choices are available, or if there are common values to choose from. It’s a potential alternative to a Pop-Up Button or a Slider/Text Field combination. For example, you could use either a Combo Box or a Slider to let the user zoom in on some content.

Combo Boxes are fairly straightforward to configure. This chapter takes a brief look at defining the list of items, accessing the current value, and selecting items programmatically.

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