Rys Git Tutorial

Ry’s Git Tutorial is a complete introduction to distributed version control with a focus on practical command line usage. We explain Git’s robust branching, merging, and collaboration capabilities from the ground up, so prior experience with centralized systems like SVN or CVS is not required.

Published Dec 23, 2012 – Tested on Git 1.7.10


I just got done reading the “Plumbing” section of your git tutorial and I was pretty impressed with it. Definitely one of the best git tutorials I’ve read and I will be checking out the other sections shortly.

—Dave L.

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say THANK YOU! for the Git tutorial. I’d read a few others that didn’t all make sense to me, and I absolutely loved how you made this tutorial so simple and easy to follow. Thanks!

—Sahar B.

I have completed your git tutorial section and I just want to thank you for making these tutorials. This tutorial series is the best among all the tutorials available for Git. Quality, concept coverage, visual representation and practice + learning methodology, an all in one package serving all its purpose.

—Mohit T.

My programming career was for about 12 years starting in 1992 but since then most of my work has been on the management or consulting side. Recently I decided to get my hands dirty again, so to speak, with the OpenWRT project and needed to learn Git to become involved. Your tutorial was perfect.

—Donald C.

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